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Live In Guardians

Live In-Guardians

Elite Guardians provide vacant property security solutions for high-end and luxury property and land.  Our well trained live-in guardians secure and preserve residence to an Elite standard until the owner wishes to make use of their property.

Our Elite Guardians are professional trained and experienced guardians who have demonstrated their reliability and professionalism to ensure only the BEST quality of service compared to other guardians schemes out there.  Elite Guardians specialise in luxury and high end properties because we have the skills and experience to provide the service required.  All of our guardians have to undertake training and are heavily vetted in order to join Elite.  This really sets us apart from other guardian schemes out there.  We only accept the best candidates.   

Elite Live In Guardians
Live In Guardians

Peace Of Mind

Once we have signed a contract to take on a property we will match your property and needs with our Elite guardians.   The contract will allow the guardians to occupy the building for a period of time in order to secure the property.  The guardians have no tenancy rights over the property and have singed a contract stating that they will vacate the property as needed.   The contract can be terminated with 4 weeks notice or less where possible.

Elite Live-In Guardians maintain a constant presence on the property ensuring that people are aware that the property is in use and occupied.  Our guardians prevent a wide range of problems from ever occurring such as; Squatting, break-ins, property damage, maintenance issues and many more.  Our service guarantees that intruders are not able to squat in our properties.


The team at Elite Guardians regular inspect our properties in order to maintain our high standards. 

Each of our clients have different needs and we pride ourselves on providing flexibility to meet any requirements.  Our experience in dealing with luxury and high-end properties makes us much better equipped to deal with issues than the standard Guardian schemes. 

Discretion comes naturally to Elite Guardians. 

Live In Guardians
  • Low management fees.

  • Bi-weekly inspections

  • Risk assessments

  • Lower you insurance costs.

  • Immediate protection of your property.

  • Access to other Elite services

  • 24/7 Security

  • Elite Live-In Gurdians